Tipping Carriages Loading Buckets

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Axon Forklift: Tipping Carriage / Loading Bucket-13

“Product Features and Description”
The tilting carriage is used when the mast tilt is not sufficient and the application requires a greater tilting angle. The fork carriage can be tilted downward 45° and upward 35°.

“Attachments Product Configuration”
Hydraulic system: Through the hydraulic system to achieve the tilt effect, according to demand can be divided into two-cylinder or single-cylinder, effective handling of goods, improve logistics convenience.

Structural parts: The load backrest can also protect the fuselage effect, and improve the logistics performance. The bucket can be further combined with the fork carriage and can be transported for irregularly shaped goods

Axon Forklift attachment Tipping Carriages Loading Buckets is applied in Environmental recycling, Rice warehouse(For Asia, South Asia), Wheat warehouse(For Europe).”

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