Axon Forklift: Three Stage Mast

Product Features and Description
Mast product important parts configuration

Hydraulic system:
The overall lifting hydraulic system, through the power hydraulic cylinder to promote the up and down displacement of the stage mast, conducive to the conversion of different logistics applications.


Structural components:
Reinforced masts are used to enhance the efficiency of slide rails through short cylinders, effectively reducing the required height of the masts, and increasing the overall height of the three-section masts, which can effectively reduce the inconvenience caused by the rise of the traditional masts. Improve and intensify between the mast and the mast to increase the stability of the operation and effectively improve the operating efficiency. Axon forklift porvides customer solution of forklift truck.

It is applicable to the factory building with low door and requiring high working space.

Axon Forklift: Three Stage Mast Standard

Axon Forklift: Three Stage Mast Standard

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