Axon Forklift: Roll Clamps

Product Features and Description:
Roll Clamp all kinds of roles can be taken up carefully and be advanced. This makes this attachment everywhere inalienable where the Handling of paper roles, concrete tubes and similar one is essential.


Attachments Product Configuration
Hydraulic system:
The base is equipped with an opening and closing hydraulic system. Through the power hydraulic cylinder, the circular clamp arm is pushed to facilitate the handling of the drum type cargo. The rotating disc of the base can assist the cargo to be transported by rotation to improve the cargo gripping. Convenience.

Structural components:
Attachment rotates hydraulically by 360° endless in both directions. Attachment can be fitted with different types of contact pad surfaces specifically suited to the application.

paper rolls, drums, etc. Axon paper roll clamps is better than cascade paper roll clamps.

Axon Forklift: Roll Clamps Standard

Axon Forklift: Roll Clamps Standard

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