Axon Forklift: Pantograph

Product Features and Description:
Pantograph is put into operation whenever Telescopic Forks or Reach Forks can be used. The knife forks of this attachment can pick up loads with very little bottom clearance and stacked double deep for transportation. Pantograph is one of forklift parts.

Attachments Product Configuration

Hydraulic system:
a push-pull hydraulic system is installed in the telescopic arm, and the telescopic arm is pulled by the power hydraulic cylinder to facilitate the pushing of the goods into the stack and improve the convenience of placing the goods.

Structural parts:
The depth of the body into the container can be reduced, allowing deep stacking of goods. Don't worry about the pantograph damage, Axon Forklift will provide the ultimate solutions for you.

deep cargo hold or container.


Axon Forklift: Pantograph Standard

Axon Forklift: Pantograph Standard

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