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"About Fork Positioners Medium Duty"
For hydraulic positioning of forks when handling changing load widths.
Structural components, the round bar replaces the carriage bar and the round bar is used as the center axis, and underneath is using stander carriage bar. This structure is strong can using in medium duty, and the quality is reliable. During transportation it is not easy to wear and tear for the attachment. The welding area between the top plate and the bearing fixing plate at the top of the barrel is increased, and the joints at both sides are reinforced to strengthen the connection of the components and increase the strength.

Axon Forklift: Fork Positioners-Medium Duty-2

Axon Forklift: Fork Positioners-Medium Duty-5

In the hydraulic system, the integral side shift hydraulic system powers the left and right side of the fork to facilitate the conversion of different logistics applications.

Fork Positioners Medium Duty-2

Fork Positioners Medium Duty-1

"About Axon Forklift"
Axon Forklift (Ching Kung) was established in 1996, is Taiwan's first professional forklift special attachment mast assembly design company. As Taiwan forklift special accessories leader, we provide a variety of truck of the applicable attachments and masts, whether it is Japanese, US or European brand of forklift are in our service range.

Currently Taiwan Toyota and Komatsu and other major brand designation coordinate with our company. In addition, since 1999, we are first in Taiwan to introduce Kenhar (now Cascade - Hebei) 0.5T- 46T all kinds of forks, and introduction of Cascade Japan (now Cascade - Xiamen) the special attachment in the next year.

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