Fork Positioners Light Duty |Axon Forklift

Product Features and Description: 
This attachment with very good visibility is the right choice when palletised goods must be shifted laterally on a regular basis. The Side shifter optimises in-plant material handling.

Fork Positioners Medium Duty-1

Attachments Product Configuration
Hydraulic system: pushing the forks to open and close through the power hydraulic cylinder facilitates the conversion of different logistics applications.

Axon Forklift: Heavy Duty Side shifter & Fork Positioners - Light Duty-2
Axon Forklift: Heavy Duty Side shifter & Fork Positioners - Light Duty-1

Axon Forklift help each client to design in a variety of attachment for fast and simple maintenance even for the client need for repair in outdoor service, and according to individual customer needs and working environment recommendations designed in different ways from the attachment, can increase their product lifetime use and reduce the cost of product. In addition our hydraulic system design fit into variety of forklift brand to increased security and good sight, to reduce incidents in the work place.

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