Electric Pallet Truck SPE15X

Electric Pallet Truck PE 15X

Axon Forklift provide the customizied services of the requirements or partially adjustments.
Finding electric pallet trucks in Axon Forklift. Its compact design with its light service weight and small turning radius allows it to be used in confined space such as elevators, trailers, containers, as well as retail stores or mezzanine warehouses.

Skeleton Design
The SPE15X/PE15X chassis adopts a skeleton structure reducing the total weight of the vehicle, while ensuring structural strength and integrity. The vehicle weight of 165kg/364lbs is 25% lighter than comparable models. This reduced weight provides increased flexibility and improved operations.The open structure facilitates ease of maintenance.

Open Structure
The open structure facilitates the maintenance and maintenance of users.

The Easiest Battery Exchange
The smart design allows easy exchange of the 48 volt battery pack within seconds. When the battery is discharged, lift out and replace with (optional) additional 48 volt battery pack.

Axon Electric Pallet Truck SPE15X / PE15X

Axon Electric Pallet Truck SPE15X / PE15X

Great Braking Performance
Standard brake for SPTE15X/PTE15X ensures excellent brake performance for most of the applictions.

Excellent Climbing Performance
When fully loaded, the SPE15X's climbing performance can reach 3.5%.

Great Speed & Efficiency
Powerful 500w AC drive motor with excellent speed and efficiency.And ensures lowest maintenance cost and smooth acceleration.

Axon Electric Pallet Truck SPE15X / PE15X

Axon Electric Pallet Truck SPE15X / PE15X

Axon Electric Pallet Truck SPE15X / PE15X

About Axon Forklift
Axon Forklift (Ching Kung) was established in 1996, is Taiwan's first professional forklift special attachment mast assembly design company. As Taiwan forklift special accessories leader, we provide a variety of truck of the applicable attachments and masts, whether it is Japanese, US or European brand of forklift are in our service range.

Semiautomatic operations/Removable Battery/Compact & Reliable Design

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