Double Drum Handler|Axon Forklift Attachments

Product Features and Description: 

Drum Handler is the ideal choice when removing or loading drums in confined areas where drums are tightly packed or touching. The unique jaw mechanism utilities the drums weight to lock the drum in place ensuring the load cannot come loose even under strenuous use and rough terrain. Our rim grip head consists of bright zinc plated steel parts to ensure longevity of life. The unit is simple and easy to use and is the perfect choice for drum handling.

Axon FOrklift: Single Drum Handler / Double Drum Handler-4
Axon FOrklift: Single Drum Handler / Double Drum Handler-6

Structure parts: 

The barrel articles are clamped through the upper and lower seats of the clipper, and the bite degree is maintained by the lever principle, and the design of the base is reinforced to effectively maintain the mechanical strength. According to the number of barrels can be divided into single barrels and double barrels. Axon Forklift is better than other brands, such as kion forklift trucks. You can find the ultimate solution of forklift attachments.

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