About Axon Forklift

Axon Forklift (Ching Kung) was established in 1996, is Taiwan's first professional forklift special attachment mast assembly design company. As Taiwan forklift special accessories leader, we provide a variety of truck of the applicable attachments and masts, whether it is Japanese, US or European brand of forklift are in our service range.

Currently Taiwan Toyota and Komatsu and other major brand designation coordinate with our company. In addition, since 1999, we are first in Taiwan to introduce Kenhar (now Cascade - Hebei) 0.5T- 46T all kinds of forks, and introduction of Cascade Japan (now Cascade - Xiamen) the special attachment in the next year.

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Axon Forklift’s Specialty

We synchronous development 1T-5T forklift mast applicable 12 meters above the ultra-high masts or 40T large forklift mast, it also offers Ching Kung brand of attachment, Load Stabilizer, Side shifters, Push / Pulls, Bale Clamps, Paper Roll Clamps, Drum Holder , Carpet Boom, Fork Extension, Asbestos Tiles Puller ....specifications. We also provide manufacturing services for the OEM Mast British narrow- aisle mast and all kinds of mast.

Currently we build strong partnerships with our customer, and will provide a stable and high-quality manufacturing services, cooperation with the special case of service has been extended to the United States, Vietnam, Thailand and other places, and is widely used in different industries of logistics services. We are committed to manufacturing for a variety brands mast in two stage 2.5m regular masts (two stage 2.5m ~ three stage 6m), and the development of customized special mast. Specializes in research of various kinds of steel metal materials, providing different services for different types of special needs, for example, to achieve Bale Clamps for the needs of ultra-lightweight and combines high load capacity, the choice of aerospace grade aluminum with matching .

Axon Forklift’s Customer Services

Axon Forklift (Ching Kung) help each client to design in a variety of attachment for fast and simple maintenance even for the client need for repair in outdoor service, and according to individual customer needs and working environment recommendations designed in different ways from the attachment, can increase their product lifetime use and reduce the cost of product. In addition, our hydraulic system design fit into variety of forklift brand to increased security and good sight, to reduce incidents in the work place.

We are highly value aftermarket service for customers, such as installation, calibration, and ongoing maintenance. Ching Kung has well experience in the manufacturing industry, and years of experience with the intricacies of service lifecycle management. 



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Furthermore, we deliver the specific functionality customer need for their service operations. Keep track of the product we sell over the lifetime of serviced products with details down to the component level—making it easy to manage extended warranties and even multi-tier service contracts. And with traceability capabilities, we are able to precisely locate where any recalled components have been installed. These services allow our reputation for excellent praise.