AXON 1.5 to 2.5 tons electric forklfit


Capacity: 1.5/1.8/2.0/2.5 tons

Use the AC motor at drive and lifting system. In addition to saving maintenance costs, the operation feels smoother.
The ergonomic operating area is equipped with an intelligent dashboard for safe and comfortable operation.

【Quality advantage】

AXON electric forklift is a good helper for your warehouse. It uses KDS AC drive motor, Zapi AC controller, imported AMP waterproof and dustproof parts, and high-strength structure mast, so that the operation can be more Smooth, reduce the fatigue during transport operations, and actually assist you with the work related to warehousing and transportation.

【superior performance】

AXON electric forklift has superior performance and is equipped with attachment, which can maximize your work efficiency and make it easy to store and transport.

  • High performance, maintenance-free AC drive motor
  • The whole vehicle is equipped with large torque, strong gradeability and large traction.
  • Strong power to ensure that the forklift can drive for a long time on uneven roads.


In addition to the humanization of the overall design of the AXON electric forklift, it also pays attention to the safety of operation, and enhances the operational safety of storage and transportation through enhanced structures and parts.

  • Emergency switch, automatically turn off the power when the forklift is out of control, avoiding emergency
  • Mast enhanced design structure, safer operation
  • The lifting hydraulic system is equipped with an explosion-proof design. Even if the oil pipe bursts, the mast will not drop rapidly and improve safety.
  • Slope anti-skid function to ensure safe operation

【Special configuration】

AXON electric forklift has the advantage of quality, which optimizes your productivity during storage and transportation. Customized adjustments can also be made based on your actual situation.

  • Configure smart dashboard to track vehicle status at any time
  • Low battery turns on automatic protection to extend battery life
  • Operation space human design, brake pedal position optimization
  • The side of the stacker is equipped with handrails for quick access to the body.
  • The steering wheel can be fine-tuned according to the driving shape to bring a customized driving experience.
  • The number of masts and the height can be customized


AXON electric stacker technically meets the needs of users, through the controller self-diagnosis system, and the regenerative braking system to protect the safety of the user’s storage and transportation operations.

  • Meet the difficult conditions of the environment
  • Controller self-diagnosis system for easy understanding of usage
  • Regeneration anti-skid function is achieved by regenerative braking technology to ensure driving safety
  • Open the body cover parts to check the main parts and increase the maintenance and convenience