AXON 2.0 tons lithium battery pallet truck

Capacity: 2000KG

Turning radius: 1700mm

Battery capacity: 24V/160Ah

【Quality advantage】

AXON lithium battery pallet truck, the length of the fork is upgraded and more stable.

The internal parts are more suitable to reduce the possibility of friction damage.

【superior performance】

AXON lithium battery pallet trucks use armest to increase speed and can be quickly transported in the factory for medium to long distances.

  • Full load speed up to 6km per hour
  • Can choose the using mode of arm guard and pedal for the environment
  • Electronic steering system for easier operation


AXON lithium battery pallet trucks focus on operational experience and safety, improve safety through reinforced structures and parts.

  • Emergency switch to avoid emergencies during transport operations
  • Drive wheel cover design protects operators
  • Stable battery clips to prevent the battery from falling during operation

【Special configuration】

AXON lithium battery pallet truck is designed to meet the operational habits of the personnel, improving the comfort of the transport operation and maximizing the transport efficiency.

  • Ergonomic handle, the operation area is integrated and easy to use
  • The handle can be pressed to brake, meet the operating habits and be more flexible.


Through the simplification of technical parts, AXON lithium battery pallet trucks make maintenance easier and improve maintenance.

  • Use maintenance-free bushings without maintenance with grease fittings
  • Reduce the dead angle of the screw for easy disassembly