AXON 1.5 tons electric pallet truck


Capacity: 1500KG

Turning Radius: 1485mm

Battery capacity: 2x12V / 85Ah

【Quality advantage】

AXON electric pallet trucks use curtis controllers to improve operational safety and stability. High-quality hydraulic power systems, low vibration, low noise, and stable lifting.

【superior performance】

AXON electric pallet truck, the weight is only 200kg, small size, easy to operate, under full load conditions, continuous work up to 4-6 hours, to meet the workload of one day.

  • Speed up to 4.5km per hour.
  • Chassis as low as 80mm, suitable for all kinds of pallets.
  • Balance wheel improves stability when turning.


AXON electric pallet trucks use high-quality parts to enhance operational safety and design the optimum component configuration.

  • Optimized circuit design to reduce exposure, failure rate and improve performance.
  • Lightweight economy, equipped with drive wheel cover to protect the operator’s feet.
  • Emergency button and reverse device to avoid accidents.

【Special configuration】

AXON electric pallet trucks provide high-adaptive components, giving operators an excellent feel and improving handling efficiency.

  • Front configuration of battery cover, easy to disassemble and make maintenance easier.
  • The platform adopts three-point design, including side support system, and the reliability is improved.
  •  Easy to use, flexible and lightweight operation with ergonomic handle.


AXON electric pallet truck reminds the operator through the intelligent system, it is also closer to humanity in use.

  • Intelligent voltage reminder, the power is less than 10%, the speed will automatically slow down.
  • Intelligent sleep system, forget to turn off the car will automatically shut down to protect the battery.