AXON 1.2 tons lithium battery pallet truck


Capacity: 1200KG

Turning radius: 1390mm

Battery capacity: 24V/20Ah

【Quality advantage】

AXON lithium battery pallet truck has a light body and easy operation.With integrated hydraulic design, the whole vehicle uses modular design and maintenance is more convenient.

【superior performance】

AXON lithium battery pallet truck has excellent performance and can be quickly shuttled in the factory. It is easy to handle the storage and transportation operations.

  • Full load speed up to 4km per hour
  • Flexible operation, fast shuttle around the corner
  • The drive side can be turned at a right angle and is convenient to use.


AXON lithium battery pallet trucks focus on operational experience and safety, improve safety through reinforced structures and parts.

  • Emergency switch to avoid emergencies during transport operations
  • Drive wheel cover design protects operators
  • Stable battery clips to prevent the battery from falling during operation

【Special configuration】

AXON lithium battery pallet trucks have the advantage of quality, providing you with the best efficiency in logistics operaitons.

  • Rechargeable lithium battery for easy use
  • With backup battery, the working performance is uninterrupted
  • Lightweight body, can be used on trucks and containers
  • Ergonomic handle for easier operation


AXON lithium battery pallet trucks use CAN-BUS technology to reduce the number of connected lines, increase system stability, and ensure the safety and performance.

  • Meet the space of narrow-channel warehouse
  • Improve the structure of electric pallet trucks, making maintenance easier