Why Axon Forklift?

Specialized use of forklift attachments to improve the efficiency of transport, logistics and storage.
Axon Forklift use high-quality materials to increase the durability of the forklift; adjust the elasticity of the production line to increase the delivery speed. Axon Forklift provide the customized services of the requirements or partially adjustments, and Axon Forklift provides more convenience maintenance and better maintenance costs.

Customized Products

Axon Forklift help each client to design in a variety of attachment for fast and simple maintenance even for the client need for repair in outdoor service, and according to individual customer needs and working environment recommendations designed in different ways from the attachment, can increase their product lifetime use and reduce the cost of product. In addition our hydraulic system design fit into variety of forklift brand to increased security and good sight, to reduce incidents in the work place.

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